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The Human Legion Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia about Tim C. Taylor’s series “The Human Legion”.

If you are a fan and want to help us adding more contents or expand the already existent or add any fanfic graphics to this wiki, you are welcome.

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Admin Updates[edit | edit source]

Creating a Wiki is always a huge undertaking. We are continually surprised by the amount of work that goes into these pages.

We have just started to add the principal pages, they are not complete and any references or sources that are missing will be added shortly.

Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

While this Wiki was created by fans of “The Human Legion” series, all contents are copyrighted by Tim C. Taylor and while we obtained his express agreement to create it, he’ll always have the right to ask that part of or all of the content be removed.

Be warned that this wiki may contain some spoiler information. We recommend that you read the books first so you won’t miss the adventures of The Human Legion.

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