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• 6/7/2015

Well done Tim!!!

Let's All Give a Round of Applause to Tim!!!! It is official, book 3 has officially launched!! And so it begins,....
"Tim, when will book 4 be out?"
I believe that this is the literati's version of "Are we there yet Daddy?"

Book 3 Out Now!
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• 5/29/2015

Renegade Legion: available to pre-order now

Arun McEwan had a tough time in the first two Human Legion books. Well, guess what? Now he’s in charge, and it’s going to get a whole lot tougher in Renegade Legion.
RenegadeLegion04You can pre-order the Kindle edition now by following this link, for delivery by Whispersync on the publication date of June 6th.
You won’t have to wait quite that long, though. I know some of you are eager to read on, so I’ll make you an offer: if you buy the Kindle book on pre-release, but want the book before June 6th, then let me know by emailing As soon as I have the release version of the Kindle book ready, I’ll email it to you. You don’t need to prove you bought the book, I’ll take it on trust. I need to give Amazon the final version of the book at least 10 days before publication date, so I will have the final edition ready by May 27th at the latest.
As for pricing, I’m following what I intend to be a standard Human Legion model, which is to offer the Kindle book for just 99c/ 99p while it’s on pre-release. That’s a reward for readers of because you get to hear about the pre-release first. The bargain price isn’t entirely about me being nice :-) For the book to succeed commercially, I want the visibility of a high chart position on Amazon before I up the price, and I’m hoping the price will help get Renegade Legion up the charts.
There will be a paperback edition too, which will be available at the end of May.
Finally, I want to thank everyone who has bought the Human Legion books, or borrowed them through Kindle Unlimited. It’s been an astonishingly successful year so far, with 42,000 Human Legion sales/borrows. That’s been enough to fund me to write the third and fourth books. I can’t express how much easier it is to write a book knowing I’ve already earned my writing time! Sales of the first two books are down to a trickle now, however, so… you can bet I’ll be watching those Amazon charts intently :-)

Book 3 Out Soon!
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